Turn your old uniform into a tote bag!

Attention all mothers, fathers and family members, marchingbags.com is now working on the individual retail level, creating memoirs out of your own (or your child’s) old baseball, football, cheer, dance, girl or boy scouts, etc. uniform.  ANY UNIFORM OR CLOTHING ITEM, NOT LIMITED TO ANY SPORT OR ACTIVITY - we can create a tote bag, and possibly other items for you (each uniform is different). 

Whether it is creating a second life, or memorializing an activity, organization or time in your life, taking your uniform off the shelf and repurposing it to a tote bag is perfect for all occasions.  It makes a great gift, keepsake ...or just another bag you can use at the ballpark, picnic or travel.  Surprise someone special with their ONE OF A KIND and truly LIMITED EDITION customized tote!

The process is easy.  (1) Ship your uniform(s) to us,

(2) pay below and (3) we’ll ship the final product back to you.  If you have questions or concerns, let us know and we'll make sure that we make it just the way you want.  The possibilities are endless...  the tote bag is AUTHENTIC, there's only one - you!

Questions?  Contact us: info@marchingbags.com 

Price: $35.00+TAX & SHIPPING

Another example of warm ups turned into tote bags.

Here's an example of a cheerleading uniform turned into a tote.  For more information for cheer tote bags for individuals and teams  click here.

Another example of a high school basketball uniform  turned into a tote bag.

This tote bag was created from a dance uniform.

The pictures display the front and back of the bag.

The above tote bag is made from a high school basketball uniform.  This picture displays the front and back of the tote bag.

The above Tote Bags were created from a set of warm ups.