Not just universities, but high schools and independent organizations also (click picture to see others).

The Tote Bag

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During the design process, we take measurements and decide how all the pieces fit.

Picture of the bag being open.

Accessories & Printing

Proudly Made in the USA

The Marching Band Pillow

A popular item that can be customized to a particular pillow size. The inside of the pillow can be changed to keep the longevity of the pillow's lifespan and also be adjusted for each person's own taste in firmness. The band pillow has been a popular hit over the years with many different organizations.

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We are constantly striving to create new concepts, designs and products.

A Fundraiser Program For All Budgets

From elementary school to high school, college to private organizations and clubs... creating products from your team's old uniforms is affordable. We can work with every type of budget and program to meet the needs of your organization. Find out how we can make this work for you.

The Computer Case

Also available as a computer sleeve.  The laptop case has padding to protect the computer, and a non-scratch inside lining.  Other customizable options include adjustable strap, removable (clasps) straps, back side pocket(s) and even integrates the jacket zipper to enclose the laptop within the case.

The Tote Bag

Easily our most popular product, the tote bag's quality, size and strength makes it perfect for the big game, travel and more.  Along with its structural durability, the tote includes a convenient inner pocket to hold a phone, camera, or keys. 

Easy To Get Started...

It's as easy as sending us your 1-2 sets of your old uniforms, see contact us for address & contact information. Once we receive the uniforms, we'll begin the design process and produce samples for you to share with your organization members, alumni, and staff. Completely risk free, we will make samples for you to fall in love with. We are so confident in the samples' design, craftsmanship and quality that your team will quickly place an order.

      "No Two Alike"

This product has been hand crafted and repurposed from genuine Marching Band uniforms. They have been beautifully distressed by your team’s use over the years, which, makes each model unique. Completely authentic and limited to the amount of uniforms available, it now begins its new life with you.  Please enjoy your “new” Marching Bag.

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For smaller accessories that do not include a logo from the uniform itself, printing adds brand/band/team/school recognition to the product.

We can also print the logo in different sizes to accommodate all sized accessories.

We can print your logo, or can design a seal of authenticity for you in single or multiple colors.

The back side of the case integrates other parts of the uniform, while a pocket can also be made on the back side.

Available in different sizes.

Original jacket zipper used to close computer case. When the zipper is too worn, we use brand new heavy duty zippers to enclose the case (color matched to uniform).

Can be customized to different sizes to accommodate every sized laptops and brands.

The back side of the tote uses different elements of the uniform.

The slide show above shows some examples of tote bags, and how they can be customized for each team's uniform.

The Tablet Case

Customized to fit the various types of tablets available in today's marketplace. Similar to the computer case, the tablet case includes non-scratch inside lining and padding to protect your tablet. Other options include front and back pockets, arm band and wrist band. Finally, the tablet case also integrate the jacket's original zipper.

Closes at the top by pulling the shoulder strings.

The String Backpack

The draw string backpack is popular amongst athletes and students alike because of its ease of use and convenience. Its light weight, durable and fits over your back while showing off your team's/band's logos.

The best thing about accessories is their size - smaller items that can be derived from the excess parts of the uniform. Producing these smaller kits, coin pouches, cell phone cases, sunglasses cases and wristlets helps accomplish our "Zero Waste" policy.

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Picture shows the pocket and size.

For those over-achievers, yes, the tablet case can hold both of your tablets!

No details are spared - the back and sides of the pillow are all part of the uniform.

Zipper enclosure allows for the pillow to last after years and years of use, and could be changed and/or adjusted to accommodate your own personal preference for firmness. Original zipper from uniform jacket used.

Customizable to computer sleeve.

Non-scratch inner lining with padding to protect the laptop.

The side view shows the width of the tote that allows for maximum capacity.

The hanging inside pocket allows the tote to hold smaller items like cell phones, keys, wallets and much more.