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Our Most Popular Product!
The tote bag's utility, quality, size and strength makes it perfect for carrying everything, travel and more.  Along with its structural durability, the tote includes a convenient inner pocket to hold a phone, camera, or keys. 

The tote bag can be made from a coat, shirt, pants or combination thereof.

See some of the other tote bag examples below.

  Complete Set

  $95.00 + CA tax & Shipping

All three: tote bag, pillow and computer case using your old uniform plus we'll make as many accessories as possible, details below.

     Tote Plus One

   $65.00 + CA tax & Shipping

Your choice of two: 1) tote bag, 2) pillow or 3) laptop case using your old uniform, details below.

  Custom Tote Bag

   $45.00 + CA Tax & Shipping

Your choice of one: 1) tote bag, 2) laptop Case, or         3) pillow using your old uniform, details below.