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*Group rates start at 5 uniforms! Contact us for further details for our group rate discounts!

3) The String Backpack

The draw string backpack is popular amongst athletes and students alike because of its ease of use an conveniencve. Its light weight, durable and fits over your back while showing off your team's/band's logos and look. 

A rear pocket with velcro enclose could be made to hold items such as cords.

Customizable to computer sleeve.

Non-scratch inner lining with padding to protect the laptop.e your paragraph here.

  Custom Tote Bag

  $65.00 + CA tax & Shipping

Your choice of one: 1) tote bag, 2) laptop case, or          3) pillow using your old uniform, details below.

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     Tote Plus One

     $85.00 + CA Tax & Shipping

Your choice of two: 1) tote bag, 2) pillow or 3) laptop case using your old uniform, details below.

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  Complete Set

  $115.00 + CA tax & Shipping

All three: tote bag, pillow or computer case using your old uniform plus we'll make as many accessories as possible, details below.

2) The Computer Case

Also available as a computer sleeve

The laptop case has padding to protect the computer, and a non-scratch inside lining.  Other customizable options include adjustable strap, removable (clasps) straps, back side pocket and even integrates the jacket zipper to enclose the laptop within the case.

1) The Tote Bag

Our Flagship Model

Easily our most popular product, the tote bag's quality, size and strength makes it perfect for the big game, travel and more.  Along with its structural durability, the tote includes a convenient inner pocket to hold a phone, camera, or keys.

The complete package is determined by your uniform and the amount of material(s) it includes.  We'll make as many items as possible from any of the the above packages and employ our best efforts to use all or most of the material pieces (goal of zero waste). Please note: each uniform is different in sizing and design so the amount of products may differ from uniform to uniform. Total Customization Add-On is included at no extra charge! So you can use your own creativity in the outcome of each tote, case and/or accessory! Click here for more details and getting started.

Pictured: Wristlet (top center), Zipper Kit (left), Coin Pouch (Right)

4) Create Your Own Pillow

A popular item that can be customized to a particular pillow size. The inside of the pillow can be changed to keep the longevity of the pillow's lifespan and also be adjusted for each person's own taste in firmness. The band pillow has been a popular hit over the years.

The hanging inside pocket allows the tote to hold smaller items like cell phones, keys, wallets and much more.


The best thing about accessories are their size - smaller items that can be derived from the excess parts of the uniform. Producing these smaller kits, coin pouches, make up bags, cell phone cases, sunglasses cases and wristlets helps accomplish our "Zero Waste" policy. See the pictures for different examples and sizes.

The Tablet Case

Customized to fit the various types of tablets available in today's marketplace. Similar to the computer case, the tablet case includes non-scratch inside lining and padding to protect your tablet. Other options include front and back pockets, arm band and wrist band. Finally, the tablet case also uses the jacket's original zipper.

Please let us know what Brand/Model you have for best accuracy in size/structure of the case.

      Choose One:               Plus                Choose One:

        1) Tote Bag                                                       1) Tablet Case

         2) Computer Case                                          2) Any Accessory

         3) String Backpack

         4) Pillow

No details are spared - the back and sides of the pillow are all part of the uniform.

Picture of the bag being open.

Closes at the top by pulling the shoulder strings.

Can be customized to different sizes to accommodate every sized laptops and brands.

The side view shows the width of the tote that allows for maximum capacity.

The back side of the tote uses different elements of the uniform. Pictured here is the use of a uniform skirt.

Picture shows the pocket and size.

For those over-achievers, yes, the tablet case can hold both of your tablets!

The back side of the case integrates other parts of the uniform, while a pocket can be created on the back side.

Pictured: Coin Pouch (top left), Wristlet (top Right), Sunglasses Case (bottom left), Zipper Kit (bottom right)

Zipper Kit

Zipper enclosure allows for the pillow to last after years and years of use, and could be changed and/or adjusted to accommodate your own personal preference for firmness. Original zipper from uniform jacket used.

Available in different sizes.

During the design process, we take measurements and decide how all the pieces fit.

Choose: 1) Tote Bag, 2) Computer Case, 3) String Backpack, or 4) Pillow

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