Perfectly distressed - each bag is unique and has its own character from the years of use, which makes each bag unique.

Made in USA

Accessories & Printing

Printing is also available for logos & phrases for smaller items such as accessories (above)

The Computer Case

  The Tote Bag

The Band Pillow

This product has been hand crafted and repurposed from genuine marching band, sports teams, and cheerleading uniforms.They have been beautifully distressed by your team’s use over the years, which, makes each model unique. Therefore, each product has its own character, own pattern and own personality.

From new to old: No longer stored away and forgotten, this product will re-enter the marketplace and/or your life keeping all its memories and glory.

Completely authentic and limited to the amount of uniforms available, your new product begins its life as a tote bag, computers case, tablet case, pillow, or accessory.

Please enjoy your “new” marching bag!

Proudly Made in the USA!

Our design team begins to juggle ideas with a "Zero Waste" goal in mind, meaning we want to use as much of the uniform up as possible to create as little waste as possible.

Additionally, the designers look for best placement of the logos and the different elements of the uniform.

Please see the "design your own" option for individuals wanting to create their own item/bag!

The Marching Bag design process begins when the old uniforms arrive at our headquarters. We want to keep the vintage appeal as well as maintain the integrity of its original design. Similarly, we want to create a new, fresh concept that breathes a second life into each product. This is a careful balancing act recognizing the imperfectly, perfect distressed look from years of service, while integrating a design that brings forth old memories with new excitement.

The idea originated with the University of Southern California "Spirit of Troy" Marching Band, with their desire to do something fun & fresh with their old uniforms. These bags are one-of-a-kind, limited edition (to the amount of uniforms used) and AUTHENTIC. It’s not only eco-friendly, but is a unique item that allows you to be a part of the team.

Our simple mission: taking something that is unused, old or forgotten and putting it back to use in a manner different from what was originally intended.  We handmake & handcraft all products into something you will love.
Made in USA!

We repurpose & recycle old uniforms into new products. Those keepsakes, treasures, outdated or old fashioned shirts, jackets, pants, and skirts begin their new life as a tote, backpack, computer case, tablet case, or a pillow.  That special uniform that was once your favorite thing in the world, left to your closet's wasteland can be transformed and begin its second life as, once again, your favorite thing!

Our Mission

Entire Team or Your Individual Uniform!